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Tips from a Professional Painting Service on Cement Floors

Cement or concrete flooring is usually covered over with carpeting in most residential homes. However, if you find it too hard to keep your carpeting clean or you want a cheaper option than purchasing new carpeting, a cement floor does look good when it is painted correctly. Painting cement floors must only be done once they are thoroughly cleaned and ensure you or your painting service have all the necessary equipment and materials.

Paint made specifically for cement floors is available to buy; however, colors are usually limited to of brown, grey, and all their shades. However, those will be the only colors if you want to mimic a natural stone floor. Or, you can use latex paint – these come in several varieties of colors, but make sure to only purchase good quality latex paint.

If your concrete is still damp, never paint over it, as the reason for the moisture must be sorted out first. However, if your floor is dry, prep it for painting by cleaning it with TSP. If the floor is in a garage, using cat litter will absorb any grease as paint will not stick to greasy surfaces.

The floor must be permitted to dry out for a few days after you have cleaned it, just to make sure it is completely dry. The next thing is to sandpaper away any lumps or bumps. Then, vacuum the floor and use a tack cloth on it; this can be found at most home improvement stores.

Make sure you apply a minimum of 2 coats of quality latex paint. Once you get these down, you will then be able to use your own creativity and imagination to decorate the floor. Think ahead on what you’ll be painting, and ensure to have all the materials at hand. If you are looking for a faux stone floor, you can do slate, cobble, or marble.

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